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Three legged frog in Feng Shui gives money

Let's talk about the three legged frog in Feng Shui today which is used to spread positivity. In real world too three legged frog are found but it's rare. Let's see how thy increase prosperity.

Money frog the three legged frog 

It's a very famously used product of Feng Shui, it's believed that by Keeping this frog positive energy flows in the house which increases prosperity and luck. 

Story about Jin Chan three legged frog 

This breed is also found in reality. Many stories are too related to it like a frog made a man magician and bought him good success. Apart from this the frog is also considered as the wife of Chinese eight immortals who was turned to a frog by curse. It has the power to attract wealth. For further on this story of Jin Chan can be seen on Wikipedia.

It's also known by many other names like Jin Chan, chan Chu ,money toad,money frog,Chen su.

In Feng Shui it's knows with names like three legs,three legged frog, money frog. There is another frog with a crown on his head it's named as the king frog.

How to place money frog 

It's has some coins below hum and some inside his mouth but it's not known here in India. There are rules for keeping this like placing it near the main door but should not face outside the house. Some people keep him inside the room or inside the toilet which is wrong. It should also not be kept inside the kitchen.

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