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Taurus zodiac sign characteristics

Taurus zodiac sign characteristics

The people under this sign have attractive personality. Well built body,fierce as a bull, self confident,care free walk and love to live free. They have a humble nature. They have fat lips, ears and long neck. venus is the Lord of this zodiac which is earth element. These people are generous and tolerant. They speak very sweet. If the person is fully influenced by the zodiac then will be very beautiful. The effect will be same in Taurus ascendant  as well.

nature of Taurus persons 

These people have a peaceful nature. They easily effect other people. With their attractive talks they are able to finish all their important social works. They never do anything in hurry. They wait for the right moment always and then move ahead. 

They are fond of good and tasty food. They can do all sorts of work. These people have natural inclination towards music ,art,dance, cinema and singing.

They are faithful towards their religion and also arrange for religious events and works as and when the situation is appropriate. They get success in the field of religion.


In love they get easily attracted towards the opposite gender and also have interest in doing business. they are mostly seen as successful businessman if they work with profession related to beauty, fragrance, art, clothes and jewellery it's sure shot success guaranteed for them. Fame based work is the best suited for them. 

If Saturn is placed high in zodiac then if taureans  misbehave with people who are below them and tend to do fraud then they face very big problems.

Tauras nature 

 -they are often of soft nature .

Friendly gem - Diamond

Good day : - Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

Friendly god : - Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati

Fasting day: - Friday ,

Name letters : - E , ou , Ay, O , vi, Wa , Wu , ve , vau

Favorable number: - 6 ,

Favorable dates : - 6 , 15, 24

Negative facts : - intransigent , raw eared and lazy

Zodiac Friends : - Aquarius and Pisces

Zodiac Enemies : - Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces ,

Direction - South

Friendly colors - white and blue

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