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Sphene or Titanite gemstone

Sphene or Titanite gemstone

 It is also known with the name of Titanite. It has very high shine. It is rarely used in jewellery as it's very delicate. It's used by collectors, it also gives an illusion of other gems as well. The word sphene is derived from a Greek word Sphenos. Its crystals are nail shaped so are given this name.

Sphenos means wedge in English. A few years ago people did not knew about this gem at all but now alot of people have knowledge about this gem.

The rays emitted by Sphenos are even more than that of a diamond. After being properly polished it's shine even exceeds than that of a diamond but the problem lies in polishing it as it is a very rare work. It is available in translucent and transparent forms. It's shine is
Impermeable and it regulates Anahita chakra or circle of the human body.

Metaphysical properties of Sphene 

It helps the wearer to improve concentration and increases mental capacity. By wearing it a person's good time starts and knowledge increases. Whoever wears this gem becomes gentle natured and sociable. It makes the wearer aware of oneself and capabilities. This knowledge and information is also passed on to others who come in contact with the wearer.

It controls emotions of a person and consoles pain inside the heart. Native becomes spiritual , etheric alongwith mental and emotional development. It helps to contact with the divine powers and communicate with each other. It introduces wearer to a convenient position and all the love and respect inside him. His mind is cleared of the frivolous things.

Positivity of this gem makes a person energetic and let's a person achieve knowledge at higher level. If someone wants to learn something new then this gem helps alot in attaining knowledge about any new topic by speeding up understanding process. It not only helps in adopting new ideas and but also ones instincts and disciplines is helpful in maintaining mutual synergy .

It also regulates the Agya chakra and also increases mental capacity of a person. Being related to the Agya chakra it also increases spontaneous intuition power and develops ones willingness. By increasing a person's will to a very high level it helps in fulfilling the desire of a person.

Sphene also helps in attaining goals by increasing mental capacity. It takes a person on the right path towards goal achievement and turning dreams into reality. It makes a person financially independent and also gives creative solutions for the problem of an individual. The art of capably running an organization independently is developed. Sphene also encourages office workers to work together and in coordination.

Healing ability of Sphene 

It's best suited for those who are surrounded by constant mental worries. Worked best for bone related problems and keeps them away. It not only avoids bone weakness but it also provides strength to teeth and avoiding dental problems Alongside gum care. It boosts immunity and reduces the chances of a person falling ill.

It increases red blood cells in the body and maintains levels of white and red blood cells also avoiding blood disorder. It stops ailments of skull,reduces fever,reduces body puffiness and is a miracle for skin related diseases. 

Available colors 

It is generally available in greenish yellow color but is also available in both independent color as well.White,brown and dark brown , which looks like black, Sky Blue,the color of the earth and the rainbow colors are also some of its variety.

Location of availability 

It's found in Mexico , Brazil , Sri Lanka , Madagascar , USA , Italy , Canada , Russia , Switzerland , Burma , Austria ,Middle East , Pakistan and Kashmir's Gilgit area.

Care and Maintenance 

It is very delicate gem so it is carefully used . Used mostly as the Pendent or locket , jewelry,rings and earrings. It remains safe in this condition. It should be avoided from hot water, chemicals and fast winds. It's very delicate so  care should be taken as it can crack with even a smallest of bump. Things like sharp objects,pointed objects,soap,acid,heat should be kept away from it.

Sphene shouldn't be worn continuously while Sleeping at night one should remove it as it may cause skin related problems.

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