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Some Vastu remedies related to Sun

Some Vastu remedies related to Sun

Vastu is based on 5 elements which are water wind,fire,earth and sky. Sun is also considered a form of fire.So Sun also has effect on Vastu. That is the reason why its advised to construct a house and follow a fixed routine based in the sun's Direction and time. Know by the help of Vastu that at what time of the day what work should be done.

1 As per Vastu from midnight to 3am the sun is in the East part of the earth. This time is very secret. This time and Direction is most appropriate to keep valuables at a secret place securely.

2 Before sunrise 3am to 6am time is brahma mahurat ie time of God. At this time sun is in northeast part of earth. This time is ideal for study , reflect and contemplate.

3 Morning 6 to 9 am sun is in the East. It's advisable to construct house in a way that sun's rays come info the house at this hour properly.

4 Morning 8am to 12noon sun is in southeast. This time is ideal to cook food. Kitchen and bathroom are wet in the morning. They should be constructed in a way that sun's rays falls on them so as they turn dry and healthy.

5 12noon to 3pm is the time for rest.Sun now is in South direction . A bedroom should also be made in this Direction.

6 Afternoon 3-6pm Evening is the time to work and research. Sun now comes in southwest. This Direction is best for study room and library.

7 Evening 6 to 9 pm time is to eat, study and sit. That is the reason why western corner is best for food or dining area.

8 Evening 9to midnight sun lies in northwest of the house This Direction is also suited for the bedroom.

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