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Shiny floor benefits & losses as per vastu-fengshui

In astrology and vastu science floor is considered as a symbol of luck. Do you know that granite and marble floor also give different effects just like a mirror. If someone is able to see own reflection in the shiny floor it means that the floor is working as a mirror or the portion of the house where the floor is shiny is forming a virtual pit thereby giving different effects as per different directions. Let's see how the shiny floor effects our life.

floors as per vastu shastra - fengshui

Here we are referring to only very shiny floor like granite or marble and not the normal floor as can be seen in the image

As we have already told that having a pit in southwest corner is the biggest Vastu defect and its remedy is near to impossible. If southwest corner of the house is shiny like this then its considered a big Vastu defect as it makes a depth which is underground and dangerous. Such place should be covered with a mat or a dari this will clam the earth's effect. Otherwise financial loss, conflict with partners, ill effects on the ladies of the house, blood pressure and heart disease will prevail. 

Shiny floor benefits & losses as per vastu-fengshui
shining floor

If the shiny floor lies in southwest area of the house and it shows depth which has the possibility of causing fire related problems , car accidents, fire , debts, electric current etc so it should also be kept covered.

Depth in northeast is considered good. A shiny floor here is extremely beneficial and play important role to increase luck and overcomes alot of other problems as well. It also benefits the children of the house. A shiny floor or use of a mirror is also beneficial alongside keeping of a water fountain. Click here to read about fountain and its benefits.

Shiny floor in northwest turns friends to enemies, causes court cases and even possible divorce. So floor in this direction should not be made shiny. If at all it is then it should be kept covered. This will keep safe from problems.

West direction floor of the house will harm the sons of the house and will hinder their progress.

The central of middle part of the house if shiny makes a person bankrupt also a well should not be there in the middle of the house as floor shows depth of the well which opens the door to financial problems.

Shiny floor at East and West direction of the house decide on the profit and that too how quickly peace and prosperity is established in the house. All the family members prosper. In Northeast direction a mirror from the floor to the ceiling provides profit multiple times If possible then uses this to gain the maximum benefit.

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