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Leo zodiac characteristics

Leo zodiac characteristics

Lord of this sign is Sun which represents royalty as well as stunning heroism. People under this sign are fearless, generous and arrogant. Fire element represents this sign. It also represents self power. People are medium built ,strong bones and broad forehead, nice body , good personality and dominating are also some features. They have special attraction in their eyes. They have a fuller face like lion let's see their features.

Leo zodiac sign characteristics 

Due to the effect of sun these people are arrogant and get angry quickly. They don't look back on showing their manliness. They are very firm and stubborn. Whenever they get angry they roar like a lion and calm down quickly as well. Due to their ego they feel it's better to break down than to bow down .

These people hate showiness and myths and like to travel and hills are of their place of interest.

These lucky people are the ones whom other people want to be like. They have tendency to rule more. They get good status of working with a government organization. These people don't like to work for others. Politics interests them specially. Big politician's ,state minister's, precious jewellery,metals sale and purchase and jeweler , suit them well and they gain through it too. With these works they get name ,fame and authority.

They also bear a chance to inherit ancestral property but due to the division of property relations are effected. Since they are energetic they let go off this easily.

Their married life is unrestful because they rule the house and peace is established when other people will accept their rule. Father - son compatibility is less developed.

These people have opposition in their side and also make their enemies as friends. 

name letter of leo zodiac

Name characters : - Ma , mi , mu , mei, , Mo , Ta , T , Tu , Te ,

Rise of the fate of this people : - 23 th year, has been seen the best and in 32 , 41 , 50 , 68 and 77th years will be extremely important and progressive

friends of leo sign

Friends with - Gemini, Virgo , Sagittarius and Pisces ,

Enemies : - Taurus , Virgo , Capricorn, Aquarius ,

Gems - carnelian , coral ,

Friendly colors - bright, white , yellow

Friendly deity - Sun ,

Good day : - Monday, Wednesday

Favorable number : - 1 ,

Fasting day: - Sunday

Friendly Dates : - 1, 10 , 19 , 28

Directions: - East

Positives : - open thoughts, generous , warm

Negative facts : - arrogant , over-confident

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