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Kunzite Gemstone benefits

Kunzite Gemstone benefits

Kunzite stone named after George F kunz. It is generally big in size and can go up to 8 carats.  The light pink colored kunzite is cheaper to the one which is darker. If it is kept under sunlight or a warmer place then it loses its shine.
A pink colored kunzite is considered good for relationships and is best suited to give as gift to love interests. Kunzite makes its wearer sensitive and its strong rays avoid relationships turning sour. It is suited best to maintain relationships. It is also known with the name of Spodumene.

Mystical and properties and Metaphysical properties

It strengthens luck of its wearer. Its light color is representative of purity and new life. It keeps away stress and calms a person. It is a symbol of love in all forms. Resolves the issues of the heart and is helpful in opening heart blockage. It makes its wearer capable to handle all types of situations. Kunzite also helps a person to mould according to circumstances. It spreads ideas of a silent person to others.

It belongs to the earth element and with its usage a person doesn’t feel low. It also helps a person from overcoming depression and controls the feelings of those who are hurt. There are times when situations get out of hand this is where kunzite combats such situations. It also makes a person overcome any childhood bad memories or sadness. It also makes its wearer aware of the problems around and also gives clarity to a person’s thinking. A person can’t move ahead if there are any issues of past are not at ease so kunzite helps a person to overcome these as well.

This gemstone is like a dream gem for persons having emotional issues. It prevents worries and since its very energy absorbent it makes its wearer calmer. It also takes a person from dreams to reality and spirituality. By placing this gem over the body parts which are stressed will reduce daily tiredness and relax muscles. It makes a person strong emotionally and lively. It makes a person strong enough to face all kinds of criticism and increases confidence.

Medical benefits of Kunzite

It helps is healing a lot of body’s ailments, it relaxes muscles and nerves thereby avoiding them from becoming stiff. For people who need the balance between their emotions and results in order to gain mental peace kunzite is the key. It gives relief from ailments such as sciatica. All kinds of joints pain is reduce by keeping it on the painful area overnight. The holder if haves regular, plentiful water then the balance between blood cells and blood circulation is established.

Purple colored kunzite regulates thyroid and also balances hormones. Pink colored kunzite doesn’t let arteries get narrow. Also helps in arthritis, prevents and relieve muscle pain. It also helps a person consuming drugs by improving their habits.

Chakras Classification

The fourth chakra of body, Anahata chakra is controlled by pink and green Kunzite.

The seventh chakra of body, Sahasrara chakra is controlled by white Kunzite.

The third chakra of body, Mneepurk chakra is controlled by yellow Kunzite.

The fifth chakra of body, Vishuddha chakra is controlled by blue Kunzite.

The third chakra of body, Mneepurk chakra is controlled by yellow Kunzite.

Care of Kunzite

This gem has to be charged up after every usage. After use it has to be cleaned under lukewarm water and kept with crystals of Hematite overnight so that it gets recharged.

Location of Kunzite

It’s found in America, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Sweden, Pakistan and Western Australia.

Various colors of kunzite

It can be pink, purple, green, color less or shades of yellow. The most liked one is the pink kunzite. The green kunzite is known with the name Hiddenite.

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