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How to save house from evil eye

How to save house from evil eye

Are you planning on going to a new house? Do you think that your house has effect of an evil eye and you want that the family lives peacefully and happily, this can only be done when negativity stays out of the House. Let's see a few remedies for keeping house safe from evil eye.

One must have seen before entering new house some people ask priest to tie up a red flag on the terrace to ward off the evil eye, problems and fights. This excellent way can also be done by you,place flag in South West direction. 

To save ones house from evil eye , evil effect and negative energy put Swastika symbol, dancing peacock or cow and calf on the two main pillars of the House. 

If the house you are living in appears to be possessed or has evil eye effect so in this condition use cows urine as a purifier of the house. Loban or benzyl can also be burnt. It might take up some time to show the result but outcome is positive. 

Apart from above a few more evil eye remedies 

To save a new home of evil eye on a Friday , take Ashoka tree leaves and tie in a thread and make a door hanging. Use red sandal or red sindoor to write gan, which is the main mantra of Lord Ganpati. 

After writing it hang it on the door in a way that all those entering the house would come under it before entering into the house. This would keep away bad thoughts and negativity and will give good effect on house.

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