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Cancer zodiac Characteristics

Cancer zodiac Characteristics

The Lord of this zodiac is Moon and element is water. Moon is cooling,soft and lucky Planet. It's seen to be most effective on mind. People born under this sign are fair,Pitt nature and well built body. Cancer ascendant  people also have these characteristics.

People of this zodiac are of peaceful nature. They are very stubborn to finish their work. They live traveling and nature. They also live water related items. They gain physical pleasures with their hardwork..

They are capable of handling the ups and downs of life very skillfully. They like to do new work daily. At times they may succeed a little late despite of their hardwork. This they should not be disappointed.

People take advantage of them due to their sensitivity,sweetness and emotions. They are very strong mentally as compared to physically, love changes ,at times they become unstable at mind and thoughts. They don't have the same zeal towards fulfillment of the work. They leave one work take up second then third. This is their big negative quality.

They have natural attraction towards music and art. They are respectful amongst friends and also get cooperation from friends. They always want to have a happy and content life. Love dressing up alot but fail in field of love.

They gain status and respect while working in government or political areas and gain money in abundance. If Cancerians are involved with water ways,traveling abroad and foreign business, it gives them money and fame.

You are a good writer , handsome poet , philosopher and writer and can be future teller. You could own a cement factory , building work , big contracts , import - export , textile trade ,Farm work and mechanical machinery , governmental functions that are efficient in water are found in Cancerians. Such prosperity in business earns them money and reputation.

Sometimes marriage is not as happy .person suffers even more in family life eternally as new problem recurs . Frigorific diseases have much greater effect on you . You are also effected by , cold , catarrh , arthritis , cough etc. They also suffer from abdomen related issues.

Cancerians ought to try luck near sea shore or in coastal cities as there is plenty of benefits for them here.

Friend signs: - Aries , Leo , Libra ,

Enemy sign : - Gemini , Libra , and Aquarius ,

Gemstone - pearl , coral ,

Friendly colors - white , cream ,

Good day : - Monday, Tuesday , Thursday

Friendly god - Shiva , Gauri ,

Favorable number: - 2 ,

Favorable dates : - 2, 11 , 20 , 29 ,

Personality: - Studious, water lovers, passionate , efficient manager ,

Positives : - imaginative, planners, loyalist

Negative facts: - always some or other disease , laziness , slight spiteful

Directions: - North

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