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Aries sign characteristics

Aries sign characteristics

The Lord of this zodiac is Mars. Mars is fire main element, this is favourable zodiac for Mars. People of this zodiac are dominating and grumpy. To an extent they are stubborn as well. They are energetic and high spirited. Maintains Discipline and order is in their nature.

Characteristics of Aries 

These people are of medium built generally with a long and red colored face. Free from nature and are clear speakers. They have strong sparkling teeth, agile eyes and perfect sighted. Experts in risk taking and always happy. Brown mix hair and strong body makes them good. 

Glory is present in their nature. They do not like to work under anyone at all. Also, they can't progress by working under others. They will benefit the most from working independently. 

Controlling their feelings is very important for them. These people with their qualities do reach their desired goals.

Whatever work they undertake, they are very eager to get that work finished. Many a times they have to face difficulties in life but with their determination they overcome the problems. Generosity and tolerance are also a noticeable trait. 

Happy in one second sad in other at times is also seen in them. 

Professions for Aries 

Police,army,surgeon,chemist, mechanical engineer,land and court related works are favorable for them and they get success in these fields too.

Aries in love 

They are successful in love affairs. Males or females get attracted to them automatically. At times they also tend to get jealous in matters of love. 

Best years for Aries
Bhagyaoday at 16,22,28,32,36 years.

Friend zodiac are Leo and Sagittarius

Lucky stone coral

Lucky color red ,yellow, brown.

Favorable deity Lord Shiva, Lord Bhairava and Lord Hanuman

Favorable Planets Moon,Brahaspati,Sun

Fasting day Tuesday

Lucky number -9

Favourable dates 9,18,27

Positive trait - Nurturer of house

Negative - Prig , Aderyshali

Direction - East

Alphabets for name : - Chu , Che , Cho , la, li , lu , le , lo , A

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