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Aquarius zodiac characteristics

Aquarius zodiac characteristics

The Lord of this zodiac is Saturn which is air element zodiac. It's appearance is fixed. The direction of this zodiac is West direction. People under this ascendant  or zodiac are medium heighted with brown color,if in horoscope if lagna is effected with any good planet then they have a fair color and attractive personality which makes people attracted towards them.

character of person with Aquarius sign 

They are loyal towards religion and take part in religious activities. Pilgrimage travel and living alone and deep thinking about their own self is what they like the most. They love to travel.

They have normally a good financial situation. Capable of earning what is required monetarily and get success. They also tend to spend alot but since they have a very good income so it is balanced out. It's also seen that these people get less benefit of parents.

They are less likely to follow the old tradition and beliefs. They are full of modern ideas. They are good speakers, have interests in art and literature. They have eye for every detail. They are capable of influencing others and knowing about them.

They love to expand their savings by investing in business. By working in government and business sectors they gain high jobs. They are also experts in writing, scientific studies,engineer,teacher, printing press work and machine work.

They have stability and serious relationship. Their love is fixed and don't like to show off in love. They give more importance to mental love than emotionally. Their children are very obedient ,beautiful and intelligent.

Rise in fate : - begins in the 36th year . The life of 29 , 38 , 47 , 56 , 57 , 65 , 74 and 83th year , is highly significant and are progressive

Name characters : - Goo , Gay, Go, SA,si,SU,say,sau, da.

Friends with : - Cancer , Scorpio , Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo .

Enemy's with : - Cancer, Leo , Scorpio .

Gemstone - Diamond , Sapphire.

Friendly colors - blue , turquoise . Black.

Good day : - Saturday , Friday .

Friendly god - Shiva , Lord Saturn .

Favorable number: - 8 .

Friendly Dates : - 8 , 17 , 26 .

Personality: - Yogi , ascetic , truth digger

Positives : - sensitive , family lover, gregarian

Negative facts: - continue to change views

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