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A few vastu tips to avoid arguments in married life.

A few vastu tips to avoid arguments in married life.

Everyone wants a peaceful married life but at times things turn sour in a relationship whose reason is not known. There could possibly be any Vastu defect inside the house which could be the reason for bringing negative effect on the married life. If Someone is facing these type of problems then they should follow these simple steps towards a positive life.

direction of couple bedroom

The couples bedroom should be in southwest Direction. If This is not possible then change the direction of the bed in southwest Direction of the room.

colors of bedroom 

Color of the walls of the bedroom should not be dark , colors like red and blue should be avoided. Shape of the bed should be square or rectangular.

A single mattress should be used even for a double bed. 

Junk or useless items should not be kept in a bedroom. Keep it clean and avoid clutter. 

Try avoiding a mirror in the bedroom , if at all this can't be avoided , keep the mirror covered.

Inside the room an aquarium or a waterfall should not be kept. 

A pair of roses can be kept inside the room. 

An kind of beam in the room gives negative effects with family members. 

Pictures depicting violence of any kind should be avoided like knife,sword etc. 

A temple should not be made inside the bedroom. 

Television in a bedroom is not considered good but if it is mandatory then use North or northeast for it.

Vastu - fengshui defect creates court cases and government problems

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