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A cut in northeast direction and its remedies

A cut in northeast direction and its remedies

Northeast is the most important Direction of the house. It's associated with our income and progress. So of a property is cut in Northeast Direction then it has direct effect on our progress and income thereby effecting our social status.

north-east area cut of plot 

At times while buying a property Vastu is not taken into account. If such type of property has been bought then it's bad effects will also be seen. A person with little Vastu knowledge or an expert will never let purchase of such a property.

But unluckily if someone has bought such property then these remedies should be followed which are very powerful.

1 if the property's northeast is open means that there is no other property around 

*make a gate or window in Northeast. 

*on North or East wall put 12*24 mirror. 

*avoid blue and red color in this direction. 

*hang a crystal ball 30mm on the window in this direction.

2  if there is some other property in Northeast of your plot

*put mirror of 18*24 on North or East wall 

*never keep heavy articles in this area. 

*place a fountain which is small in size.

Some Vastu remedies related to Sun

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