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9 easy vastu tips for home

9 easy tips for Vastu

There are some remedies which are done by experts only and are costly as well. Here we are giving a few simple remedies which anyone can do without getting any adverse effects.

1 Plant a Tulsi tree in the house ,this purifies the nearby environment.

2 Keep the surroundings neat and clean this also helps circulation of positive energy.

3 Regular sprinkling of holy water from Ganges or cows urine.

4 Burn cowdung along with Lobaan or benzyl once a week to wars off negatively.

5 According to the religion followed do holy chants or prayers and hymns. Any chanting of holy names can be done, any CD or musical instrument can also be used.

6 Try to avoid any clashes or arguments. If any fight goes out bounds then it also increases Vastu defect. Maintain peace in the house. Clashes cause problems and destroy money source.

7 Be happy and content. If family members are happy then 30% Vastu gets pure as the positivity flows easily.

8 If problems are on rise then make sure that the color of curtain should not be black,purple or any other dark colors.

9 Never keep any broken object in the house. This creates rift in between the members whether it's family , social or business relationships.

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