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Why shouldn't a person sleep with head in North

Why shouldn't a person sleep with feet facing North

It is said that one should not sleep with head in North direction. There are many stories associated with this but there is scientific side to it as well. Reason being the earth's North and South Pole. Let's see how these two poles have effort on us.

Both poles of earth have magnetic fields in which North side has positive and monetary flow and South side has negative and loan flow. Similarly our body too has North Pole represented by head and South Pole by our feet.

If we try to bring two similar poles of a magnet they repel each other. The opposites which stick are North and South. 

Similarly if a person sleeps with head in North then North Pole ie head will meet up with North Pole. This would cause monetary waves from North to repel from us resulting in money going away from us. This problem if persists over a period of time then it creates mental problems and unrest resulting in brain problems.

If head is in South direction then the monetary waves meet up with the loan waves in our head thereby providing mental peace and body functions appropriately.

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