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Why shouldn't have attached toilet bathroom as per vastu

Why shouldn't a bedroom have attached bathroom as per vastu

Nowadays almost all have attached bathroom and toilet, this is considered as a Vastu defect. An attached bathroom with the toilet has adverse effects on the family and creates problems as well. let's see how this defect is created and also what all it can cause.

Attached toilet bathroom in fengshui

The main book of Vastu Science  brihat samhita says that a bathroom should be in the East direction and toilet should be in South or South West. 

Attached toilet and bathroom causes defects. As per Vastu shastra bathroom is ruled by the Moon and toilet is ruled by Rahu (snake head). When these two planets come together Moon is effected by eclipse and all the problems related to moon in house. 

As per fengshui moon is associated with our mind , water factor and moon is also termed as honeydew whereas Rahu is associated with poison and related to fire element. Moon and Rahu are two totally different natures planets. 

It causes mental weakness, interpersonal relationships among the family members, unrest, being always stressed are its effects. Nowadays people are drawn towards suicide because of the internal weakness caused by moon.

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