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Vastu tips to go abroad

A lot of people aspire to go abroad some get successful and some don't. Some people are awaiting an email or call for job or to study in a university because they either want to work or study abroad. Vastu science has also some tips which would certainly help a person who is seeking to go abroad.

According to Vastu Science for going abroad North West Direction is most important alongside North East. Also in Feng Shui the air element is activated in order to create changes to go abroad by using colors,crystals and pyramids.

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Placing a globe in North West direction increases the chance of going abroad. A crystal globe can also be used but only after consulting an expert.

If someone wants to go abroad for business purposes is eligible for it as well , put a mirror of size 18*24 in North East direction of the house.

It is seen at times that after doing all the preparations something or other crops up to stop the work, place camphor (kapoor) in a glass bowl along with your passport in wind direction.

Also with the use of color therapy , aroma oil and pyramids the wind area if the house can be activated to get positive results.

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