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Vastu tips for ailing long time diseases

It happens that at times illness comes in a way that ii appears to be staying longer than expected. Even after taking medication and alertness diseases seem permanent. In such conditions alongside the patient rest of the family members suffer. If along with the medication some Vastu tips are followed then speed of getting rid of disease increases. Let's see few such remedies

vastu-fengshui tips for heal a long time disease 

do not keep clutter

A patients room should not be scattered and irrelevant things should not be collected in the room.

look at your kitchen

Houses in which kitchen is in North East , diseases make such a place their home. This has to be rectified quickly.

see your face

A patients feet should not face a toilet or a gate it should face the wall instead.

Never sleep in a way that the head is facing North direction instead the feet should be faced northwards.

beam creates blunder in fengshui

If a bed has any beam over it then change the direction of the bed immediately.

other tips

If there is any storage of items or stocked goods kept near the toilet then stomach related disorder are very likes to happen.

A person who is ill in the same room for a while and not getting well change the room of the patient to another one.

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