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Vastu-fengshui tips to save money

Vastu tips to save money

For any human its important to earn and even its more important to save that money. At times despite of earning good savings don't last up due to sudden expenses. Vastu science has some normal tips by following which the expenses can be reduced drastically and savings can be increased.

Vastu tips to save money 

Direction for keeping money 

For increase in money and savings a safe must be placed in a way that it by the side of the south side wall and its face open in the north direction. Ideal place to keep a safe is in South West Direction but any whole or window should also not be present here.

A leaking tap is a major reason for financial loss which people neglect. As per Vastu slowly dropping of water indicates slow expenditures. That is the reason why a tap should be replaced immediately if defected.

Hanging a metal element in the wall 

On the wall opposite of the bedroom door , in left corner hang a metal object. According to Vastu this is the wealth area. Here metal object represents gold, silver or copper.

House should not have waste stuff 

This is a very major fault as per Vastu nowadays as people keep broken utensils or other useless stuff due to which negative energy prevails. A broken bed also should not be kept. People also keep clutter under the stairs or on the terrace which serves as an obstacle in increasing wealth.

Exit of water 

A lot of people do not bother the Direction in which the water is exiting from the House. If the water goes out by South or West direction the people of the House face financial problems and as well as other problems too. North and East are the apt way to get the water outside the House.

Why shouldn't have attached toilet bathroom as per vastu

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