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Vastu-fengshui tips associated with bathroom

To maintain peace and prosperity in the house Vastu rules are mandatory. By following vastu or fengshui  tips the environment of the house remains positive and gives mental peace. If Vastu faults persist then it causes penury, mental problems and upsets marital life as well. To avoid such problems there are many tips associated with different things in the house. Let's see a few remedies for bathroom by following these negativity can be kept at bay.

1 Placing salt in solid form in a bowl in the bathroom will eliminate all negative Vastu effect. This salt must be replaced by new one every month. Salt in solid form absorbs the negativity of the house and makes environment positive.

2 A leaking tap in bathroom or at any other place is not a small fault,vastu considers it a very serious fault. So a leaking tap should be repaid immediately.

3 Bathroom should be cleaned up completely in every 2-3 days. A clean bathroom will give good effect on the financial condition. Also, a neat and clean place also invites blessings from God's and Goddesses.

4 An Important thing to be kept in mind that there has to be some gap in between the bedroom and bathroom. as per fengshui An elevated area can be also made in a way that there is difference between the height of bedroom and bathroom. This would disable the negative energy from entering the bedroom.

5 The flow of water in the bathroom should be in North direction. If possible then the bathroom should be constructed in North West of the house.

6 A geyser in an electronic equipment associated with fire element so it should be placed North East vastu direction. A separate place for exhaust and a big window is advisable. The color of tiles in bathroom should be always of light colors usage of dark colors should be avoided.

7 If the door of the bathroom opens towards the bedroom then its best to be kept closed. A bathroom inside the bedroom is not advisable but if it is there then a curtain should be placed in between. The constant exchange between energies of bedroom and bathroom is not good for health.

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