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Vastu and some common myths

Conning by the name of Vastu is also dominant. Some things are said out of nowhere they are not related to Vastu. A lot of things are told so as to either increase or decrease rates of a house or for the removal of Vastu defects. Let's see what are these commonly circulated myths.

South facing property a myth

The very first thing that people are worried about is their property is South faced and want remedy for it. Man, doesn't matter if you have purchased a South facing property. Such property doesn't have any Vastu defect at all. It is seen that a South facing house or shop is very prosperous and wealthy.


It's true that a pyramid a pyramid takes away defects caused by Vastu and it should be used as well. People just see it in Internet and Facebook and just buy it, thereby incurring defects after placing it. 

House near Temple 

As per Vastu Science a house near to a temple is not considered good. But still there are alot of other factors to it too like temple's flag,door,Direction etc. Just because the house is near the temple it would turn inauspicious and ill effected. 

Cow faced and lion faced property 

A shop in this Direction is very auspicious but still people who are living here or working here also do face sorrows and problems too.


In vedic Vastu a Vastu defect removal yantra is also said to be present. It should be used by the expert only. In the world of online shopping just by mere buying this yantra and safe keeping it won't end Vastu defects. 

Relief in 24 hours 

If you really do find such a thing do let us know as well. Vastu Science gives remedies as per Direction and defect. There are still certain defects whose remedies requires time. If a person in a property is lacks finances since 10years then too after doing remedies nothing will change in 24 hours or even a week won't give miraculous result and make person millionaire. If a person has gastric problems then as per allopathy and Ayurveda a minimum 6 month time frame is mandatory for relief.

Yes, there are a few remedies which give immediate results but if ailment is long timely then relief will take time too.

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