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The 6 lucky fengshui things which every house should have

A pair of dragons

A pair of dragons

Feng Shui is a Chinese Vastu methodology but some people confuse Vastu and Feng Shui as one but they are different from each other. Some people follow Feng Shui so here we are discussing remedies to increase money and have a peaceful life. By owning these methods we achieve positivity as well as good health. Let's see what these 6 things are.

1 A lucky three legged frog

It is considered very lucky to have a three legged frog. As per Feng Shui presence of a frog holding coins inside his mouth is very important. He should be placed inside the house nearby the main gate. Frog should not be kept in toilet or kitchen. By doing so bad luck follows.

2 A laughing Buddha - God of prosperity

If financial success is desired then laughing Buddha will definitely help. A laughing Buddha should be kept in living room towards side of the main door. By doing so happiness and prosperity increase. Buddha is Gid of prosperity. In his smile lies prosperity.

3 Golden Fish

Feng Shui beleves that by keeping fishes in the house increase luck. Fishes are a very important to increase money and respect. They should never be kept inside bedroom, kitchen or toilet. Fishes should be kept in drawing room only.

4 A pair of dragons

A pair of dragons is a symbol of luck. The pearls inside their feet holds the utmost energy. In Feng Shui dragon is one of the four divine creatures. Dragons are yeng element IE they as associated with power,manliness and courage. A double dragon can kept in any direction but keeping it in east proves to be most beneficial. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui a dragon is respectable and pure creature.

5 Three lucky coins of luck

As per Feng Shui three coibs of luck should be hung at the door of the house for money and prosperity. It should be taken care that only three coins should be used and that too towards inside of the house. By placing it outwards the goddess of money lord laxmiji will stand at the door only. They should be hung at the main door only.

6 Symbol of happiness the tortoise

In Feng Shui a tortoise is considered auspicious. By keeping him success , money and prosperity come should be kept in North direction of office or house. Keeping in mind that his face is inside the house,then only the direction would benefit. tortoise shouldn't be kept as a pair a single one is enough.

Shine with Laughing Buddha

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