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Shine with Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is used in Chinese Feng Shui to have positivity. This statue is of a person which has miraculous effects, its available at low cost in the market have become very popular. Let's see which laughing budha should be kept and how.

Types of laughing Buddha

The statue in which laughing budha is with small children should be bought by those who wish to have children , to be kept in west Direction.

laughing budha for saving money

If we look carefully in the market we could spot different shapes of laughing Buddha. At times when despite of all the effort and hardwork one is unable to save , should bring laughing Buddha statue in which he is sitting on coins or the one in which he has a sack on his shoulders and kept in southwest.

laughing buddha for profits in business

If someone is looking for sudden profit or have such type of business then should keep laughing budha who has a kamandal i.e ewer and place it in northeast.

budha for financial problem

A laughing budha with both hands up and ewer in both hands can be commonly seen on television in films. To get rid of financial problems place him in North direction of the house.

laughing budha for social status  

A dragon sitting alongside laughing Buddha is ideal for those who seek social reputation or to gain socially. Dragon is considered sacred in Feng Shui, keep him in east or Southeast.

where to place laughing budha

Laughing Buddha should be kept in a place which is centre of the house and also from where he can be seen easily while passing by.

Laughing Buddha shouldn't be kept in bedroom, kitchen and any other room. Getting a laughing Buddha without asking or as a gift  is the most precious and fruitful. He should not be placed inside Temple of the house.

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