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scientific importance of touching the feet of people

What is the scientific importance of touching the feet of people who are elder than us.In our Indian culture the tradition of touching feet of the elderly dates back to nearly a thousand years.

 Everyone touches the feet of those who are elder to them to get blessings from them. It is believed that by touching feet of elderly a person's ego is destroyed and alongside by doing so the heart of the person whose feet are being touched bends towards us. However touching of feet also has scientific point of view as well, come let's explore the scientific importance of touching feet. 

As we all know that our head represents north pole and feet represent the south pole. The energy circle is completed in north to south direction .The energy in our body flows through head to the southern part of the body which is our feet. 

This is the reason when we touch somebody's feet that positive unlimited energy flows onto us. There are certain rules of touching feet as well. Likewise when are touching someone's feet we have to do it with both the hands by doing so we get own energy. 

In our culture no action is unreasonable. Every tradition also has a scientific importance. If you liked the article please do share.

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