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Remedies for removal of tensions and evil eye

In today's world worrying alot is quite common.80% of the people have personal obstruction. At times all this uselss worrying effects mind alot. In reality its nothing but negative energy. To get rid of this negative energy here are a few easy remedies that one must try once, this will surely help. 

how to remove evil eye 

To get rid of worrying take fistful of ground salt  in the evening and rotate it over your head 3 times in anticlockwise direction and throw it out of the door. This should be done for continues 3 days. If after doing so no relief is achieved repeat the same process and this time flush the salt in toilet. Relief is sure. 

This will help to cut the negative effects and remove the ill effects of any evil eye as well. 

It is observed that at times small babies cry suddenly or get sick, which could possibly be due to an evil eye. In this situation this remedy will surely provide relief immediately. 

This remedy works only for personal worry or 
Evil eye, if any evil eye is on business or house the remedy for that would be different from this.

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