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Placing pictures and photos according to Vastu - fengshui

Placing pictures and photos according to Vastu - fengshui

Some rules have been laid down in vastu Shasta for placing of pictures and photos. Vastu rules define where should the family photos and wall paintings be placed.Likewise most of us have a habit of placing the pictures of our ancestors in home's Temple which according to Vastu is wrong. Be it any image , it affects our mind so we should place them according to the favorable direction. Now let's see which image or photograph should be placed where- 

do not place war pictures

as per fengshui Images depicting war, loneliness and devil or Satan should not be placed at all. 

Any image which depicts anger or any kind of stress to the mind should not be put on the walls. 

abstract creates confusion

Abstract Images should not be used as they create a  confused situation. 

ancestors should be in south

vastu shastra suggests The photograph of our ancestors should not be placed in North East,they should be placed in South direction instead for favorite results. 

Images which depict water should be in North where as images relating to fire should be placed in South. 

Family photos should be placed in South West direction as this area symbolizes relationships. By doing so the relationship between the family strengths. Never place family photo in South East direction. 

An image of a pair of birds is advisable but not of a single bird alone or a wild animal.

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