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Importance of trees in Vastu

Importance of trees in Vastu

A place where papaya, amla,pomegranate, guava and palash trees are in abundance it is considered best. 

The trees which have flowers and branches on which leaves come up easily it is also regarded as the best. 

A place where thorny plants grow,dry grass,ber etc grow , it is not considered good in Vastu. 

A person who wishes to be happy should not do construction on a land where peepal tree or badh tree have grown. 

A tree should be at a distance from house such that during daylight its shadow doesn't fall on the house. 

A place where pumpkin tree grows or near to it a house should not be made. As per Vastu this is not ideal as pumpkin tree houses sevral poisonous organisms. 

Place where Tulsi plants grow is the best place to make a house. It cleans and purifies the area if 50metre in all directions and is also considered auspicious and pious.

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