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how to remove negativity from peacock feather in vastu

Peacocks feathers have a special place in Vastu Science and astrology. Not only this, according to Ayurveda a peacocks feather cures many diseases. Vastu science also considers it auspicious to keep peacock feathers in the house. Let's see how it can be used effectively. 

how to use peacock feather in vastu shastra/ fengshui as remedy

1 If someone has doubts about any paranormal activity in the house or any other negative energy, 4 peacock feathers must be placed in the West side of the house. 

2 If sudden or unexpected problems occur in the house place a peacock feather in south west corner of the house. 

3 If someone is afraid of snake and scorpion constantly , place peacocks feather on the wall in Eastern side or keep a feather in pocket or a book, benefit will follow. 

4 if someone is having nightmares or trouble with sleeping , keep a feather under the pillow before Sleeping would be reliving. 

5 if any member of the house is of stubborn nature, attach the peacock feathers with the fan of their room in a way that when the fan moves the feather also moves along with is giving air of the feather as well. by doing so a person's stubborn nature will fade away slowly. 

Astrological remedy 

Astrology also suggests the usage of peacocks feathers for reducing the effect of Kal Sarp Dosha by placing 4 feathers either under the pillow or on the wall on the west side of bedroom. 

Apart from this Lord Krishna is also said to be pleased by offering of peacock's feather which also increases peace and happiness. 

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