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How to Correct toilet defects as per fengshui

At times people who live in ancestral houses or even apartments find that the toilet is not suited as per Vastu or fengshui laws. Impossible to shift , let's see what all remedies can be followed to eliminate negative effects.

Toilet in North East 

This is a major defect in Vastu Science. If position can't be changed then place a small plant inside the toilet. After this on the wall outside toilet in East or North put a 4*2 mirror.
After plant is dead replace it with a new one.

The water element in the north should be correct.

Toilet in South West 

It gives serious results. Health related problems can develop. As a remedy for this construct a deep tank in northeast. Raise the level of the toilet which is already constructed. Place a pyramid in southwest corner. Put a wind chime inside the toilet as the metal element will take away negative energy of earth element.

Toilet in front of the main door of the house.

Place a few green plants in between the main gate and toilet.

West facing toilet seat 

To cut the negative effects, put up a mirror on the wall in east Direction.

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