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How Remove Vastu defects by the use of a mirror

How Remove Vastu defects by the use of a mirror

As per Vastu Science and Feng Shui a mirror could be anything in which we can see our image. By the usage of mirror correctly we can remove Vastu defects , it has early effect. The energy element Chi is balanced with the help of a mirror. Let's see how and when to use a mirror.

use of mirror- reflective glass as per vastu shastra-fengshui

Mirror should be in east or northeast only. Shape of the mirror should be rectangular or square. A circular mirror is used at very selective places. Use of pointed mirror brings a lot of problems. Broken or spoilt mirror should not be kept in the house as it has the power of converting positive energy to negative energy.

Ideal place to place a mirror in house or office is northeast for elimination of business related problems.

Mirror in southwest will always give bad effect, either remove it or cover it.

If in a house northwest or northeast is divided then in the same corner's east or North facing wall hang a mirror which is at least 2.5 feet broad. Bad effect will be reduced.

as per vastu shastra If southwest Direction has a basement or a toilet , bathroom then on the same wall towards the East direction placing if a big mirror would be beneficial. Why a combined toilet and bathroom should not be made.

Nowadays people buy almira with a mirror attached to it outside, this is opposite to Vastu rules and has negative effect on money. As per the rules we keep almira in South or West and we hang the mirror in north or east. By combining the two Vastu defects are produced.

If he Direction for cooking is West facing then a circular mirror should be placed right opposite to it. This will remove the defects. Vastu tips for kitchen.

A mirror should not be placed in a bedroom. It encircles a person with negativity and person is unable to come out of the memories if the past. Cover it if removal of it is not possible. Have positive effect by placing plants and trees.

A television and computer also serves as a mirror so they should be in North or East only and covered when not in use.

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