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How many deities should be placed in the temple of the house

We often without thinking much collect Sculptures of God's and Goddess's which produces negative effects. Scriptures are known to have set a limit of number of sculptures of God's and Goddesses. Let's see how many sculptures of few major deities are allowed as per the scriptures.

How many idols of the deities should be placed inside the temple of the house

Lord Ganesha

The Temple of the house firstly reminds us of Lord Ganesha. A total of 3 idols is considered inauspicious and gives bad results, either increase the number or reduce the number of idol. Apart from this the back of Lord Ganesha should be towards the outside of the house. If this is not possible then place another idol of Lord Ganesha behind the wall where Lord Ganesha is placed earlier.

Lord Shiva/ Shiva Lingam

Though keeping lord Shiva's is not advisable but still if someone keeps at home ,the quantity of it should be only one that too of the size of a thumb. More than one idol emits so much energy which is unbearable by a normal human being.

Lord Devi

Some people visit the Devi Goddess frequently and regularly and gather a lot of photos and idols of Devi. Not more than a total of 3idols of a Goddess should be kept also any idols number should not be 3 at all.

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