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Flute and its benefits in Vastu - fengshui

In Vastu Science and Feng Shui a flute is also considered auspicious. According to Vastu where reconstruction is not possible a flute provides a great option. Let's see how by using a flute how positive results can be obtained. 

Flute is made up to  bamboo due to which flute possesses all the qualities of bamboo like sustaining in adverse environment and fast growth. This is the reason why  a flute is said to Have the quality of progress and stability. 

Flute is used in Feng Shui and Vastu to rectify the defects such as wrong entrance, beem defect, vidhi shoola and to rectify a construction which is giving adverse effects. A major benefit of flute is that it converts any kind of negative energy into positive energy. A wind chime also has the same effect. Similarly a Swastika is also used read here to read more. 

Use of flute 

If a house has three doors in a row then place two flutes in a way that they make English letter V also the mouth of the flutes should be facing downwards on the main entrance door. Both flutes should be tied up with a red thread as they stand united. 

While sleeping or doing any other work if a beam lies above the head then also the flute should be hanged appropriately on the beam. 

If a person is facing mental tensions a flute can be kept under the pillow before Sleeping. 

To gain spiritual progress place a flute in the temple of the house,benefit is assured.

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