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fengshui-vastu tips for keep locker

A safe where we keep money could be at any place. A locker in almirah or a box etc. Just by having a safe will not make anybody rich or prosper. As per Vastu the Direction for keeping money and safe's Direction is also important. Let's see the direction and rules for the same.


It's said that wherever money is kept either in a safe or any where else, the place should always be aromatic. This makes a person sound financially. 

If the door of the safe opens in South then its creates financial problems , its seen in almost 90% of the cases. 

As per Vastu science its not favorable to color the safe black for monetary and financial reasons. Using of brown or maroon is the best. 

Pyramid experts say that it's favorable to keep a pyramid inside the safe fir positive money flow, but this pyramid is made up or citerine crystal so should be used only after consulting and expert.

Opening of a safe towards the main gate  reduces funds. Also window next to safe or almirah is not suited as it makes unexpected expenses. 

A very heavy safe should not be kept in northeast,it hinders growth. Best Direction for a safe is southwest. Apart from these a safe should not have any water element such as toilet near to it. Keep a safe in either South or West. If a safe is in North in almirah or a safe , keep only that amount of money in it which you want to spend. Keep the rest of the money in naitriya (south-west) corner.

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