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Drawing room Vastu for social status

A drawing room is associated with our status that is the reason why it should be decorated with utmost care. Nowadays people spend a lot of money in the decor but its seen that still the guests go unsatisfied from the house even after good hospitality and at times it causes conflicts. Let's see the defect and its cure.

how to improve drawing room as per vastu shastra - fengshui

Ancient scriptures say treat guests as God I.e. a guest like God should be given a comfortable place to sit which would help in gaining and increasing respect.

There are rules for decoration and keeping of items in a drawing room. If provocative color scheme is used then as a result ones behavior turns volatile.

If guest seating is in southeast Direction then guest may have feeling of jealousy or anger.

Pictures of wild animals , weapons showpiece and scary images should not be used.

The best place to have drawing room is northwest apart from this northeast can be used. Southwest should never be used for making drawing room.

The positioning of sofa set should be in northwest,South. Bed if any should be in southwest and television in southeast.

as per fengshui law Any usage of mirror should be avoided in drawing room.

Some people use God's images or idols as showpiece, this should not be done at all as it increases chances of loss.

If any showpiece associated with water is kept in drawing room then should be placed in northeast only.

If guests arrive then make sure while attending them the position of the face should be in east or North ,by doing so you will emerge stronger to them.

How Remove Vastu defects by the use of a mirror

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