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Differences-quarrel between father - son and Vastu-fengshui fault

Differences-quarrel between father - son and Vastu-fengshui fault

Increase in differences between father and son in a house is not good. In today's modern times people neglect Vastu rules and construct house as per their desire and also decorate it thereby creating Vastu faults thus increasing rift between father and son. Let's see how Vastu is the reason behind it. 

According to Vastu Science the Sun represents father and Sun rises in the East , in houses where East direction is ill effected distance between father and son relationship occur. 

A plot which is narrow in South and West direction , longer in East and North they are termed as  Sunpierced. If such a place is inhabited by father and son, they end up having controversies thus creating distance in between relationship. 

Big tall trees, huge wall or a cut plot creates faults in East direction. 

For a sweet relationship between father and son North East direction should not have either kitchen or bathroom. This negatively effects health if both father and son. Remedies for a peaceful house. 

North east corner of the house should not have more height than rest of the corners also one should also avoid keeping heavy goods in this area. 

By keeping electrical appliances in North East , father and son become fierce which causes chances of rift. 

A dustbin in North East direction causes unpleasantness and serious arguments. Use of copper in Vastu Science. 

According to Vastu-fengshui these 7 broken things should not be kept, they increase negativity

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