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Color and Vastu

Nowadays most of the Vastu experts use color in their therapy its is also known as Color Therapy. Colors are very important in our lives and impact body and environment directly. Since ancient times different colors are used for different household work let us see its significance.

These colors are related to different chakras in our body. It is mentioned in our ancient scriptures. Our body has 7chakras and each one has a color associated with it. 

These chakras are related to our past,present and future totally. It is said to be believed that the solution to our problems lies in these chakras only. That is the reason why some practitioners use colors to rectify or energize the chakras. 

Vastu scriptures associate each direction and corner with different colors eg north east with green,South west with maroon or brown. The practitioner uses colors for related corners thereby making the positive energy flow.

How are the colors used - 

There are a few ways of doing this

1. One can get the walls of the house painted appropriately , nowadays the interior decorators consult Vastu experts too.

2. Related colors clothes and stones can also be used.

3. Other accessories of the same color can be used as well like pyramid and decorative items.

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