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Benefits from keeping a fish aquarium in the office

In Feng Shui water element is associated with money and profit. Because of this the use of waterfall and fish aquarium is on the rise. As per Feng Shui an aquarium is not only a decorative items it is a profitable gadget which helps in increasing the business. Let's know about the benefits from aquarium. 

Benefits from keeping a fish aquarium in the office 

According to Feng Shui an aquarium has all the elements of Feng Shui. Elements of Feng Shui are water,wood, metal,fire and earth. These are different elements than those used in Vastu. In aquarium water is water element, artificial decoration is wood element, Stine and mirror are earth element, the structure represents metal and finally the electricity to run it all is fire element.

A fish swimming in clean water represents richness. It's proved that aquarium keeps away depression and makes a person energetic.

Types of fish 

Arowna fish removes financial problems And goldfish gives fame. Also the color and quantity of the fish should also be seen. Golden fish gives energy, black gives security. 8 golden fish and one jelly fish should be kept together.

Where and when to place the aquarium 

The best Direction is North East, North and East. Aquarium should not be kept in a bedroom,kitchen or toilet. Water should be changed from time to time. Aquarium should not get dirty it indicates loss. If a fish dies, replace it with a new one. A rectangular shaped aquarium is suited for a house and a circular one for the office

Vastu-fengshui tips associated with bathroom


  1. Be prepared to spend some time once every week or two to clean your tank. Performing regular water changes will reduce the nitrate levels and keep your tropical fish happy and healthy.

  2. Learning on how to choose the best depends upon responsible factors. Danner Manufacturing outdoor fountain However, powerheads are more ideal for marine tanks, since they are also capable of multi-directional water flow.


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