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According to Vastu-fengshui these 7 broken things should not be kept, they increase negativity

According to Vastu-fengshui these 7 broken things should not be kept, they increase negativity

Since ancient times many traditions are followed to sustain a home' environment progressive and happy. These tradition's are associated with different things and work. As per fengshui Every house has something or the other object which is broken but lying somewhere in a corner. Here are 7 things which if broken shouldn't be kept inside the house.

broken things as per fengshui-vastu shastra

If these things are kept in the house their negativity effects all the members of the house. It increases mental stress and blocks progress. This in turn effects monetary issues and causes failures. Penury enters home due to it. Let's see which are those 7 things.

1. Utensils 

Some people keep broken utensils , they emit negative effects. According to Scriptures broken utensils shouldn't be kept at all. If done, this displeases lord of  wealth and more penury can enter our home. These broken and useless utensils also use space resulting in unnecessarily vastu defects. Once vastu is affected, negative results starts developing. 

2. Mirror 

Keeping a broken mirror is a very big fault. Due to this fault negative energy is activated thereby causing mental stress to the members of the family.

3. Bed 

For a happy and peaceful wedding life it is mandatory that the bed of the couple shouldn't be broken at all. If the bed is not in a good condition then it highly likely makes way for the problems to enter into the relationship.

4. Clock 

A broken clock should not be kept. It is believed that a clock's condition decides the process of the family. If the clock is not working correctly then the family members will face difficulty in fulfilling the work and it will not be finished on time. 

5. Door 

If the main door of the house or any other door in the house is broken from anywhere , that should be fixed immediately. A broken door is considered inauspicious. Due to a broken door the negative energy enters the house and creates vasty disorders. 

6. Furniture 

The furniture of the house should be in proper condition. According to Vastu , broken furniture also impacts negatively. 

7. Photograph/Image 

Any broken image/photograph shouldn't be kept in the house. According to Vastu this also creates bad effect. 

If these is any fault with the Vastu of the house , the family faces financial problems. Houses which have Vastu problems always face inadequacy of funds. So, these problems should be taken care of quickly.

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