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vastu tips for overhead and underground water tank

vastu tips for overhead and underground water tank

many persons puzzles about o/h water tank and under ground tank. In vastu shastra there is different provision for underground and overhead tank. let me explain first

underground water tank vastu

underground water tank is a tank where we drill surface and make a tank to keep water. it is consider as Pitt, so as per vastu it is highly beneficial if make in north-east, east or north direction. never make an under ground tank in south-west, its an blunder. 

these tips for water tank dont take it as septic tank.


overhead water tank 

o/h tank is a tank where we store water on roof. so keeping water in tank creates weight and height. so it is consider good to place tank on roof in south or west direction. south-west is also good but in vastu we recommend south-west for master bedroom, so if you have master bedroom in s/w do not place tank above your head.

overhead tank in north-east and is remedies

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