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vastu - fengshui tips for parking and basement

now a days parking and basement is compulsory in many cities. most commercial complex makes basemen due to lack of space. but vastu has some rules about basement and parking. if a basemen in wrong position than financial crisis may come and if parking place is defected than accidents and vehicle maintenance is regular drama. let read what vastu shastra says about this.....

fengshui for basement

for basement best direction is east, north or north-east. if basement in these direction than person enjoy lot of wealth... but if basement in south-west than chances of bankruptcy or take a look if you are looking for a property with basement...

fengshui for parking

north-west is the best direction for parking not parking in south-west or north-east. always place a your vehicles facing east or north because of magnetic rays flow....

abnormal child in vastu

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