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south-west defects can cause you real problems

south-west defects and remedies

as per vastu shastra laws south-west corner is responsible for relationships. it can be business or personal. it also links our expenses or savings. some of mine clients tell me that they earn good but nothing to save at the end of month.

as per astrology Rahu planet which situate in S/w directin is also responsible for sudden losses and gains so this defect in this direction can cause sudden loses and expenses. first we should know what is consider as defect in this area.

south-west defects as per vastu shastra

1. pit or boring, well 
2. toilet, bathroom
3.  main entrance
4. slope towards south-west

problems related to south-west defects.

first major problem is delay in marriages. too much expenditure which converts into loan. bad habits is also comes from S/w. theft of money, no respect in society. bad relationships between husband and wife. and last is no promotion in life and professional life. 

so, if you facing these types of problem than definitely there is defect in south-west corner of your house. 

what to do...this is the main question. i will suggest u some simple remedies 

remedies for south-west direction defects as per vastu shastra 

1. avoid green and blue color there. if you facing problems related expenditure than place a yellow earthen pot. or paint yellow walls. 

2. if you are facing problems related relationships than place a rose quartz pyramid there.

3. if you have toilet or bathroom in s/w place a red bulb in toilet. and use 1st remedy outside the toilet which is still south-west.

4. use badge, skin and other brown family colors to get instant relief.

5. if there is a slope in this direction than make a slope in north-east . if not possible than place a artificial pillar there and place a solid stone pyramid or red jasper crystal pyramid on the pillar.

6. if these remedies not possible than use to evaporate camphor crystals daily i camphor lamp.

7. if there is boring or pit or well than its a big problem, you have to shift it or fill it.

south-west is the most important direction than other because this direction provide you a base in life. so a defect in s/w can cause you wastage of life's most precious times.

you can read my south-west remedies article this will suggest remedies as per according to defects. south-west remedies 

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