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how to enhance your family and wealth with the help of feng-shui

how to enhance your family and wealth with the help of feng-shui

As per fengshui wood element rules the  east of any home which represent family & health. it also rules south-east which is the corner of wealth.

as per feng-shui laws Wood element represents growth and opportunities of life. In the south-east zone it enhances wealth.

 In the East the wood element enhances your health and longevity. this gives us health and sharp mind and nice soul.

Feng shui element of wood element is killed or destroyed by metal element and enhanced by water element and eaten or weaken by fire element.

Toilets and in the east or south-east zone creates problem related to our health and also wealth. so we have to place some to weaken this bad energy so, we place bright lights or red bulb there and improve the area outside toilets which is still east. 

so we place water body like fountain or pond to enhance wood element or pic of water fall. 

if you dont have any toilet there and it is a free wall than just a water fall (without mountains) pic there. but it should not be your bedroom. some feng shui experts use water bodies in south-east but personally i do not recommend it. only use in east.....

vastu - fengshui tips for parking and basement


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