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In fengshui WATER ELEMENT - rules the NORTH of your home. It enhances CAREER LUCK. its color is black and blue. In feng-shui north area is considered as career luck area. A good career area ensures that you do not loose your job.

Feng shui element of water is destroyed by earth element and weakened by wood element and enhance by metal element.

If you have a toilet or a kitchen in north it creates barriers in your career matters. well in this situation You need to suppress the bad water energy. A wood element can do this. So you place lush green and healthy plants to weaken the bad water energy there.

now you need to enerzise the area. so we take outside the toilet which is still the north.

we have to choices first place a water element there or place an metal element there because as cycle of production in feng-shui metal creates water. So you hang wind chimes in the north or place a metal turtle. The tingling sound of metal on metal will bring you good career luck. Because its metal that creates water. you can also place an small water fountain there.

If you wants promotion at work then north sector must be enhanced.

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