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THE HERMIT IS THE 9TH CARD IN TAROT CARD IN MAJOR ARCANA. This Hermit is the wise soul within us. The fool is starting on a new journey now but this time into the unconscious and mystical. It is time to look within or look forward to someone who can be your guiding light.

This may also refer to a time to be alone, to consolidate one's energy and acquire patience. If there are decisions to be made; look for guidance to solve the situation. The lantern represents higher consciousness and honesty and the star in the lantern is a six-pointed star a symbol of wisdom).

The Hermit Tarot card suggests that you are in a phase of introspection where you are drawing your attention and focus inward and looking for answers within.

This card also suggest that the person is coming into light from the dark. 
The snow at his feet represents the heights of spiritual attainment. He wears the grey cloak of invisibility.
The snow represents the isolation the Hermit endures. He also hold a magical wand in his hand to support him. The number nine represents the fiery life force within which relates mars.

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