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Scorpio sign (Vrischika rashi) Characteristics

This zodiac is rules by Mars. The nature of the person under this is soft and cough oriented. Mars is associated with fire element. Scorpions are medium built, heavy body and are of blooming color. They have Intensive Hair and shiny eyes let's see their characteristics.

 Their nature comes under prigy, stubborn, pledgey and clear spoken people. They get angry quickly. They can't tolerate any opposite thing against them. They act without thinking any consequences also don't let their nervousness show to others. They say alot of things while they are angry. Situations can't alter these people and they keep working constantly towards their goal quietly. They have a powerful will.

People of this zodiac are revengeful, quick workers and effectual. They take advantage of other people's negligence.

They become very powerful at night and keep their anger within themselves. They may seem at peace outside and keep the revenge inside them. They are capable of harming their competitors brutally. Once angry they don't know how to forgive. If termed as quarreling and poisonous thus won't be a pun.

They know very well how to get their important work done form their friends. They have a big circle of friends. Time and again their friends help them too. They are very keen to get fame and name. They could go to any extent to help their friends. The gain success by doing their life's important work. They have knowledge of various subjects too.

They gain success with their hardwork. They have image of a scholar and are the best in their family.

They are very good at collecting people
Scorpions could become dictators,detective, chemist,chemical related work, dental surgeon,police officer and engineers. They have a very big circle of known to persons. Moon in this zodiac is low placed which makes them hard and harsh. Ailments of throat, gas,chest, hotness and piles could effect them.

Rise in fate can seen at age of 28 and other lucky years are 35,44,52,53,71,80 are very effective.

Name alphabet - To , Na, Ni , Nu, Nay , No , ya , Yi, Yu.

Friend zodiac Pieces and Cancer

Enemies with Aries, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius

Gems pearl and coral

Colors red and yellow

Days Tuesday and Thursday

Deity Lord Shiva, Lord Bhairava and lord Hanuman

Fasting day Tuesday

favourable dates 9,18,27

Positives intelligent,nature lover and brave

Negative selfish, showy and angry

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