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Vastu To Prevent Theft

Vastu To Prevent Theft
Houses which don’t construct with Vastu norms are sometimes find them in situations like theft. several things like Main door including other doors of house signifies and signals about your being theft in future and home owner must take special care of doors. here are some tips of vastu shastra you can adopt to prevent theft in house or office.

tips to follow

Do not place your valuables things and cash in North-west corner (vayu kon) as it enhance chances of robbery.

Do not give your servants South-west area of home as it changes the tendency of servants to commit robbery.

Entrance or main door must be bigger than the other doors of houses.

Single door in East or North is good while South is inauspicious.
Doors should not be in straight line.

Keep pictures or decorative pieces of sacred symbol Om, Swastik, Laxmi, and Ganesh near money store.

Avoid keeping Ganesh idol in the outside door in such a way that when you enter you see Ganesh idol.

Make sure there is no obstruction in the front/main entrance.

Avoid slanted, circular or sliding gate.

Doors should be placed in correct direction so that there is no risk in future. If any of door especially main door is placed in direction then there are some frequent complications that one has to bear for instance- robbery, enmity, diseases, downfall, loss of money and loss of offspring etc.

Do not hang any evil picture as it signals destruction.

vastu for restaurant

vastu for hospital

Vastu for education institute 

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