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Vastu for education institute

Educational institutes should be designed in such a way that students reading there can concentrate on their studies and career prospects properly. Vastu of an educational institution is also necessary to make the environment of institute, peaceful, progress of students and to achieve higher standards in terms of professionalism and goodwill. here are some vastu essentials for education institute.

  • All institutes should be built with East or North-east entrance.
  • Leave more space towards the East and North-east while other parts like South, West and South-west must be used for construction.
  • Platform of teacher’s desk must be made some feet high from the ground.
  • Beams in the classroom must be constructed carefully ensuring that no student sit under the beam.
  • de-clutter of property is must.
  • Staff room must be made in North-west.
  • trying to use some aroma oils like sandal oil or lemon oil. 
  • Toilets should also be built up in the North-west direction.
  • Pantry or canteen in the institute should be made in South-east corner.
  • Owner or principal’s office must be constructed in South-west or South direction only so that she/he can sit facing North.
  • avoid dark colors paint in the institute.
  • Meeting rooms must be situated in North with east facing door.
  • Open play ground should be constructed in the Eastern portion.
  • Reception and cashier room must be located in Eastern or Northern side.
  • Library in the institute can be made in Western portion.

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