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Some of best yogas in astrology

 I shall try to post those yutis and combinations, and yogas which are auspicious and give good results to the native of the chart.

Gaj-kesri yoga:

When Guru and chandra are placed together or in kendra to each other in a chart, this shubh yoga is formed. Shubhatva caused by a well-placed Guru in a chart coupled with gaj-kesri yoga is sufficient to cure one lakh doshas in a chart, as per ancient texts. Similarly, a well placed shukra in chart can cure 10,000 doshas.

Kalanidhi yoga:

Budha+Guru yuti in 2nd house forms a yoga which goes by the name of kalanidhi yoga, which makes the native excel in various skills and arts. If such a yoga is aspected by Chandra by 5th drishti, it becomes ‘sonay pe suhaga’. Chandra in 10th from lagna makes the native famous all over the world.
Dharma-karma adhipati yoga: This yoga is formed by yuti of 9th and 10th lords, and brings success in professional field.
Well-placed lagna-adhipati alone in 9th house, devoid of malefic aspects, can confer comfortable life on the native. Well-placed lords of 9th, 10th and 11th houses confer and ensure comfortable life to the native. Lords of 9th, 10th, and 11th houses getting 30 or more bindus in ashtakvarg chart assure financial prosperity to the native. But before concluding it is essential to refer to navamsa chart also. Navamsa chart is always to be seen in conjunction with lagna chart.

Raj yogas:
Exchange of kendra and trikona lords bring overall success and prosperity to the native. Exchange of 5th lord shukra with 10th lord Guru – this native excelled in academics and succeded in civil services competitive exam. Exalted 5th lord in 10th and 10th in 5th house. Please do not confuse with ‘neecha and ucha’ grahas – Kark lagna and chandra in neecha rasi vrischik looses its neechatva by virtue of kendra lord in trikona, and becomes powerful.

Vipreet raj yogas:
Vipreet raj yogas are caused by 6th, 8th, and 12th lords when they come to occupy each other’s house.
SHUBH-kartari yoga:
Shubh-kartari yoga occurs in a chart when naisargic shubh grahas like waxing moon, budha, guru and shukra come to be placed on both sides of kendra houses - 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th. It is a very auspicious yoga which mutiplies the good results of the chart, and minimises the influence of evil forces in the chart.

Adhi yoga (Mahalaxmi yoga) and Chandra-adhi yoga:
This yoga occurs when 6th, 7th and 8th house are occupied by shubha grahas, and is believed to cause, promote and protect financial prosperity of the native. If this yoga is occuring from natal chandra, then it is known as chandra-adhi yoga with same results. Moon placed ahead of surya in a chart is called waxing moon, and plays a very auspicious role in promoting good results for the native. 0nce moon attains completion on poornima, then its growth is complete, and it starts ebbing. The fortnight when it starts ebbing is called ‘krishna paksh’ and such a waning moon is deemed as krur graha and loses its shubhatva.

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