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How to make right birth cahrt

Often we see birth chart could be wrong because of many reasons. many time clock will be wrong or difference between local time and sun time. higher or lower part of earth, shortly horoscope can be wrong by any reason.

one of my friend born on march 86 he said he was born at 6:55 pm so as per chart he is Libra ascendant when i said about libra quality and dis-quality, does not match to him. than i make new chart with time 7:15 pm, as per new chart he becomes Virgo because of Nakshtra change at 7:00 pm. and all qualities of Virgo matched.

so when the symptoms of birth chart do not match with the persons nature we should try to make two more birth chart  one is one hour later and one is one hour earlier or 30 minutes gap (as per choice). than we should see which chart is more accurate as per persons nature. which is the most similar we can understood the right chart.

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