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Choose Your Birthstone by the Day of the Week

Birthstones are a popular thing. one person will definitely have at least 2-3 birthstones, so it means you dont need to worry if you cannot afford expensive now!
In the world of gemstones, or crystals and stones, many properties are being shared, and the variety of available gems is truly fascinating! 

Along with the traditional birthstone by astrology birth charts and also by month, there is also a birthstone by year, and even a birthstone by the day of the week you were born!
So, you can choose your birthstone according to the day of the week you were born; and you can also choose a stone to wear according to the specific energy of the day.
The energy of the day is usually defined, astrologically, by its ruling planet. To be in harmony with a specific day (especially if it is an important day for you!), you can choose to wear the gemstone that reflects its energy even if this is not your birthstone.
every person has its unique qualities and also applied to gemstones and crystals. so you have to choose which match your personality as well. 
Below please find the chart of birthstones that correspond to different days of the week.

                                YOUR BIRTHSTONE CHART

                Day of the Week                                      
                 (Moon energy) 
              Clear Quartz
               (Mars energy)
             (Mercury energy)
               Cat's Eye
              (Jupiter energy)
              (Venus energy)
             Rose Quartz
              (Saturn energy)
                (Sun energy)
             Yellow Topaz

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